Connecting Laptop IDE HDD to SATA MOBO

Hi all,

I've pulled an old Fujitsu MHV2080AH HDD from a laptop and I'd like to use it for extra storage in my current desktop rig.

Problem is I'm not sure how to connect it to my MOBO (Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H).
Found some adapters like but they're all 40-pin IDE female and the HDD I've got looks to be 43 + 4 pin.

Are there adapters you can recommend? Or would the 40-pin adapters work?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. that's only an 80G hard drive. do you still have access to the laptop to just copy the files over to your modern system using USB sticks or over a home network? or anyone you know that has one of those USB-to-IDE/SATA cables to help migrating stuff over?

    honestly, for only an 80G space gain, i'd spend money on a new large drive that doesn't need converters IF you can borrow some cable to make the transfer. heck, i have one which i used only 2-3 times, and it's been sitting in a box somewhere for 2 years.
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