I have a dell inspiron 1525 can and have downloaded assassins creed but the gameplay is slow what should I do?

I reduced the graphics quality as minimum as possible but still no use
Do I need to buy a Graphics Card if yes then on which site can I buy it
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  1. you wont be able to upgrade your video card in that computer. Its a laptop the graphics card is a chip soldered into your motherboard and theres nowhere to hook one up. one thing I find works is to go in your task manager/processes. find your game in there, right click and set priority to high or real time. It works as long as going into the task manager doesn't stall your game, because you have to have the game on to do it.
  2. Laptops cannot support Other Graphics Card than there own MOBILITY by the way. Can you tell me which assassins creed game exactly are you playing? which part?
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