ASUS GTX770 Graphics Card causes PC to freeze up and crash!

I've owned my GTX770 card for about 3 months now and it has been working alright.. Around 3 weeks ago I found that my machine completely locks up when I'm playing games on it..

A few minutes into a game I get a black screen followed by the monitor losing its hdmi signal and then going into standby as well as the audio looping/stuttering endlessly. I tried a few games like Batman Arkham City and CoD Ghosts. It would seem that the more stress a game puts on the card the less time I have before experiencing the crash.

It even crashes when running furmarks burn in test for about 7 minutes. When I examine my machine there are no real signs of any fans stopped like some users report.

I tried updating the cards BIOS but to my great disappointment I still got crashes with furmark :S Currently the card goes up to 100% load and the temperature stays at around 74'C. GPU Clock reports around 1147 MHz but I'm sure the boost clock is set to be 1111 MHz.

Desperately in need of some advice please. Thanks.. I frequently come across users' under-clocking the card to fix the issue.. but i'm not sure what kind of decrements i should be making and whether its just to the GPU clock and not the memory clock. How do I know if I've made a stable decrement. I'm running a stock GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 at the moment.
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  1. Try underclocking by -100 on the core and leaving the memory stock.

    If that crashes, put the core back to stock and try underclocking the memory by about the same increment.

    If either of those fix the crashing issue, you may need to RMA the card.

    If neither fixes is it, try underclocking both at the same time. Again, an RMA will be in order if undeclocking the GPU stops the crashing.

    If none of the above fixes it, then look at the CPU or power supply.
  2. i am having the same issue with the same asus gtx 770 card. i didn't overclock the card or anything. I've tried playing battlefield 4 and batman origins and both crash after awhile. but then i played nba 2k14 and it never crashes. I've never had this issue on my pc before. the temps are nice and cool, so that isn't an issue. i updated the bios for the video card and that didn't help. i cant rma my card, since i bought it on eBay. its only a few months old too.
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    I have been using a GTX 770 for like 3 months and recently encountered the following problems-
    1.Before the windows "Welcome" screen shows up, the display is going off.
    2.Then, the computer restarts automatically and then I have to "start Windows normally"
    3.But the same thing repeats again.

    The above shit happened like a week ago. I left my PC like that for 1 week since I was out.
    Then when I again started the computer, everything was ok but my mouse was getting hanged up frequently, Display going off and on and each time it happened there was this message-
    "Nvidia 320.08 drivers had stopped working and has successfully recovered"

    when i tried to run Crysis3 which used to runn not even starting nemore...and overall FPS of games have reduced drastically...

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