AMD FX-8320 vs Intel i5 3570K, and 3770K

So I realize this has probably been solved many times but I just wanna have some fun with this topic. I'm getting the 8320 and I know its better for the price and all but I just want to see a debate. I'm not that good at tech specifications of a certain component. I was just wondering which ones better at performing various different tasks and such!

Other than that, comment down below!

Here is my rig, you can give me suggestions on it too! :
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  1. You say it's better for the price, but that all depends on what you're doing. If you're gaming, then the price/performance of Intel is in line with or even better than AMD. For anything else, AMD wins.
  2. I think the FX 8320 Rig is your best bet! Especially with the MANTLE API coming out here soon! I'd say, it looks good! If you can afford it, Go for a better motherboard like this one...

    And Faster Memory as future games may like it (BF4 is an example)
  3. Facing the 8320 vs the 3570K or 3770K on a clock for clock comparison the 8320 might beat out the 3570 in rendering (the 8350 will) but other than that either Intel CPU will walk awway from the 8320 or even the 8350
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