No video display and 1 long beep, 2 short beeps.

Just got my built PC in, hooked up everything, I receive no display on monitor and get 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. So i know its something with the video card or in that area at least. Re-seated the EVGA GTX-760, re-seated my RAM cards, checked for loose plugs.

Then I noticed that I should use the DVI ports from the video card, which has a DVI-I dual and a DVI-D dual link ports (or do I? [Mobo z87-K]). The monitor im used only has VGA port. So i find i have a DVI-I dual link adapter to VGA adapter, hooked that up to a DVI-D single link cable, and connected the cable to either port on the video card.

So i think I might need to get a DVI-D adapter? I am just hoping this is the issue on why i get no display and get the beeping from the PC.

Also, the same issue with display and beeping happens when i connect via VGA cable from monitor to motherboard VGA port.
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  1. have you tried plugging the monitor to the motherboard video ports??
    some bios have the onboard video set as the first video output.
    if you still get those beeps. check that the eight pin power plug on the motherboard is plugged in and on the gpu all the power plugs are connected. if your still getting post beeps. pull the gpu and see if the mb will boot with onboard video. if it beeps again. power off the pc drain power from the mb..pull the power from the wall wait for the mb to drain and use one ram dimm is slot a0 or slot one make sure it seated. if the rig post with one dimm make sure the bios is up to date.
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