Gaming Computer with dual monitor setup - $800-900 budget with monitor

I'm looking to build my first gaming computer by the end of this month.
Computer will be used for gaming/streaming, and I want to run a dual monitor setup.
Currently have a 24' monitor, need to purchase another one on top of the computer.

I will be playing a variety of games - CS:GO, SC2, Dota2, WOW, BF and also want to stream.

My budget is around 800-900 and this has to include a monitor also.

As for the OS, should I get windows 7 or 8? Should I purchase them?

Can anybody help me? Thanks for your help.

Also I know Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming up. What should I look for to get a good deal?
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  1. Buy whichever OS you find cheapest, though I suggest 8/8.1. Will probably cost around $100 which leaves you with $800. Buy another monitor, probably costing around $150ish. Do NOT run the game on both screens. Your crosshair will be in the middle where the bezels are and will make gaming very hard. Use the second monitor for music, browser, chat, etc. Your now down to $650 or so. I'm guessing this puts you in the 6300 and 270 range.
  2. What is 6300 and 270 range?
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    Meaning if you have ~$650 to buy parts, you are probably going to have to get the AMD 6300, and the AMD 270 for the video card. That will use up around half your remaining money leaving you $300 or so to buy the case, ram, PSU, etc. Be tight, but can probably be done. Look around for example $600 builds.
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