Confused by my Motherboard installation guide.

So I have recieved most of my computer parts, and I was looking at them and linning things up for my build later on and It seems that there are alot more holes in my mother board for scres than I thought. I am using a E-Atx MOBO and I know my case is compatible but I am not sure how to remove the standoffs. I am also not sure if each hole in the MOBO needs a screw. Because most of the standoff locations are labeled and it says which ones are eatx and then it looks like I will need some other ones. Also what screws do I use? It seems like no one actually tells you what the bag of screws is for, they just tell you to screw stuff in.

So i need to figure out how to move my stand offs, and If i should follow the back plate or if i should put them where the MOBO has holes for them. Also what screws to use.
Also, can I mount my mother board and ram and everything before I put my CPU in and then put the heat sync on? I have a very large cut out for the back of the cpu so IK I would be able to access it.

This is my first build, and thanks so much for helping.
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    Only need to put standoffs where the case says E-ATX, a lot of the holes support most formats with juts a couple extra for E-ATX due to its size.

    Personally, no hole in motherboard, no standoff.

    Yes mount everything out of the case.
  2. how do I move the stand offs? they do not seem to want to unscrew
  3. If they are part of the motherboard tray area you can't, normally only the small brass standoffs can be unscrewed.
  4. I got this all figured out and my computer built, it is all working I just need an Operating system now. Thank you so much for your help!
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