What training do I need to set up small networks client-server? I need advice!

Hi: I'm being offered Networking courses on academies here in Madrid but I find the course programmes too extensive for my needs.

I intend to set up a computer technical service in Africa (Equatorial Guinea). A small shop where I can sell computers, repair them, and set up small networks for small companies, perhaps 10 computers maximum.

I know how to set up a small network (peer to peer) using three computers with Windows 7/8, but I intend to learn Client-server networking.

Here's the programme for one of these courses, please give me an opinion:

PART 1: Layer models. TCP. UDP. ipv4 addresses. Ethernet hubs and switches. CISCO device setup. Theory and practice.
PART 2: Network administration Windows Server 2008 to 20012. Theory and practice.

Duration: 75 hours.

I'm thinking of self-studying what I can of part 1 and then attend Part 2 in the academy, which is cheaper. What do you think? Do I need to know all that stuff in part 1?.

Thanks for attending my post.
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  1. You should do the MCSA qualification. It's highly recognisable and doesn't take too much time. More info about this certification can be found here:


    I don't think you need Cisco knowledge if you're looking at 10 computers or less. If you do, get the CCNA certification (will take you at least 3 months to achieve).

    If you HAVE to use either of those 2 courses, definitely pick part 2
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