Suggestions required in building my new rig

Hi guys!

I'm building my new rig n would like to get some useful suggestions. The components I'll be using n have in mind are:
1. i4770k
2. AsRock extreme4 mobo
3. corsair vengeance 1600 8 GB
4. corsair TX750 PSU
5. plextor m5s 128 GB SSD
6. dell U2412M monitor 1920*1200
7. ASUS GTX 760 II OC Edition 2 GB
8. cabinet corsair carbide air 540

I'll b mainly playing New titles n downloading n watching stuff... stuck to i7 haswell s I wanted to keep a future proof gaming system s newer games r utilizing hyperthreading... kindly suggest if I can tweak da setup with minimal change of price... will play arkham origins soon n update...

which will give me more fps? this or FX8350 wid some other equivalent GPU?
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  1. You should be fine with that setup for a few years.
  2. Will sli GTX 760 ASUS GPU whenever I hv da cash... hope that'll serve da fps n everything else at low costs...
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