Wireless/Wired router using a 4G MiFi or USB Stick to provide internet access

Is there any way, even using specific models of router and MiFi/USB Stick to be able to use a regular wireless router (With ethernet ports), but rather than having the internet connection come from an ADSL connection, have it come from a MiFi device, or 4G USB stick?

Our ADSL speeds are ridiculous at 0.5 meg roughly, so we rely on 4G to get around 40 - 49 meg speeds.

However, it would be nice to get the full functionality of a real router, and to be able to connect devices such as Xbox 360 and other devices via Eethernet ports on the router.

This also gets around device limitations for the number of concurrent WiFi clients that most MiFi devices enforce.

Any ideas or suggestions? I know there are 4G routers that exist out there, but guess I really need to know:

A) Which are compatible with an EE 4G Sim/Mifi devices
B) What sort of price am I going to be looking at

I've seen some between £150 and £350, but they don't go into details about which 4G network/carriers would be supported.

I'm in the UK so it needs to be compatible in the UK, and with EE, as they are the only provider to offer plans anywhere near 50GB+
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  1. That is a tough question. From a simple look for your device it appears to be a huawei but on this you need to be very sure what you have. The key things you need are the model and manufacture as well as your carrier.

    Good news is there are more and more manufactures getting into the market. You can start with the guys who have been doing this for years cradlepoint. They tend to be a little expensive....still on the low side of your price range ...but have the most option. Asus and tplink also have routers that accept broadband USB modems. I know the asus n66u and ac66u both support them and they have other models I can't be sure of.

    The hard work is digging though the lists of devices that are supported. It even depends on the firmware level, i know asus added a huge number of models in the latest firmware upgrade.

    The problem is some carriers intentionally make their product not work even though it is the exact model and manufacture. Mostly this is in india where you see that going on. So if you do not find a exact match you may want to see if you can test one in a store or something.
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