Eyefinity 3 X 7970 + Primary with 6Gb VRAM ? Will it use all 6Gb? Using all VRAM

Hi Guys,

I currently have 2 x Sapphire OC 7970 3Gb running in CrossFire driving my Eyefinity portrait setup, 3240x1920.

I see a lot of games, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, BF4 (On ultra only) maxing out my VRAM (3Gb), my thought is this due to the massive resolution and more textures being loaded.

If I add a Sapphire 6Gb VRAM 7970 card and use it as the primary card will Crossfire make use of the full 6Gb of VRAM or match the memory to the other cards in CF and only use 3Gb of the available 6Gb VRAM?

Thanks :)
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  1. crossfire will always use the lowest spec card in terms of speed/memory, etc.
  2. Thanks, I thought it would use the 6Gb of memory on the primary card.

    There goes that plan then... Hmm.
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