Best Temperature-Controlled PWM Fan Controller?

Okay, so it seems my clearance for one of my fans isn't as deep as I'd expected, so I'm looking at slim line fans, and found this option which seems ideal with a max noise of 18dBA (I probably won't need to run it at full speed) and a clearance of just 15mm which suits me (I can fit just under 20mm).

Anyway, problem is that this fan is PWM only, and I haven't found any comparable, 3-pin options, though I'd appreciate recommendations if there are some I've missed.

If not though, then I need to find a good PWM fan-controller that uses temperature sensors to control the speed automatically, so I'd really appreciate feedback.

Anyway, a quick summary of my requirements:
  • PWM connections for at least one fan, preferably three or more though. Should be compatible with regular 3-pin fans as well if possible.
  • Speed should be controlled by setting a target temperature with probes.
  • Controller should fit a single 5.25" bay, ideally without being too deep as I actually have a space I may be able to fit a fan controller but not a DVD drive sized device. Don't worry if the controller has side "tabs" for fixing as I can probably remove these myself if I have to.
  • I'd prefer a nice smooth speed change, rather than the more common low/medium/high speeds that many controllers offer, though this isn't a requirement.
  • Also nice would be the ability to control one fan using more than one temperature probe, as I have more than one key warm area in the case, but probably don't need more than one fan (nothing is particularly high temperature). I don't know if anyone offers this, but it'd be nice to have if it exists, otherwise ignore this one.
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  1. Sorry to bump this again, but I'm still looking for a good fan controller that supports 4-pin PWM fans. I tried a simple controller supporting 3-pin fans but with connectors wide enough to take 4-pin ones, however the fan I have clearly doesn't "fully support 3-pin connections" as the support staff claimed, unless you consider full-speed or nothing to be fully supporting 3-pin connections.

    Anyway, it's clear then that I need a fan controller that can definitely provide at least one 4-pin PWM signal, and is also temperature controlled (via probes). Can anyone recommend such a controller?

    The only option I've found myself so far is the Zalman MFC3 which has 1 PWM connector in addition to three 3-pin ones, but it's very expensive for what you get as just a fan controller; the ability to monitor power consumption is neat, but I'm not really fussy about that (I already have a plug-in monitor I can use).
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