MSi GTX 760 TF OC Gaming or 760 Hawk

Hey Guys,

Looking at one of theses two cards for my build. The price difference is around £25 - £30 so I wanted to know if the difference is worth it?

There doesn't seem to be any benchmark tests against aftermarket models unless anyone knows of somewhere that does test variations on cards across a wide range.

If anyone has either of these cards, what made you get them and how are they performing?
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  1. QUOTE: MSI has engineered a fantastic GeForce GTX 760 with their GTX 760 HAWK. The card comes overclocked out of the box with the highest frequency we've seen on a GTX 760. This translates into a performance improvement of almost 10% over the reference design—something you'll definitely notice in-game. With those clocks, it even ends up faster than the AMD HD 7970 and only 7% behind AMD's flagship HD 7970 GHz Edition. I only wish MSI had also overclocked the memory since our manual overclocking tests show that there is plenty of headroom to do so.
    Compared to the MSI GTX 760 GAMING, the company beefed up their cooler for the HAWK, which provides additional cooling potential to make sure the card handles the increased clocks while still leaving enough headroom for manual overclocking. Temperatures are great, and noise levels are good too. The only GTX 760 that is quieter is MSI's GTX 760 GAMING, making it a good alternative if you value low noise more than the absolutely highest performance. It's also great to see a backplate on the GTX 760 HAWK, something many cheaper cards lack.
    The GTX 760 HAWK also comes with several advanced overclocking features, like voltage monitoring points and a dual BIOS that is optimized for liquid nitrogen. Even if you don't use liquid nitrogen, the dual-BIOS feature can be useful if a BIOS flash goes wrong, for example.
    Power consumption of the card in gaming is slightly higher than the reference design, but its increased performance allows the GTX 670 HAWK to beat the reference design in performance per watt. Only Furmark maximum power is significantly higher, which suggests that MSI increased the card's power limit to make optimum use of the dual 8-pin power connectors and improved VRM circuitry.
    The GTX 760 HAWK is available online for $290, which is quite hefty. Reference designs retail for around $250 and 4 GB cards (which don't provide any performance improvement) start at $300. To be honest, even with the GTX 760 HAWK being as awesome as it is, I find it hard to justify the price increase. In my opinion, $270 or $275 would be acceptable, but not much more. The large performance increase will, on the other hand, offset cost by providing better performance per dollar, and you don't have to invest time into manual overclocking. If the GTX 760 HAWK is too expensive for you, then I'd strongly recommend the MSI GTX 760 GAMING because it is only $260 and has excellent low-noise properties without losing much on performance. Source with benchmarks
  2. Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Hawk card, which comes with just that added extra in terms of components for extreme overclocking. With that, the two cards are very similar: same cooler, custom components, etc. The extra cost is worth it for the Hawk, if you overclock, but the Gaming model will also be a great choice. So decide if you want to go for some major overclocking, or if you just want regular overclocking.

    If you don't overclock at all, then the Hawk is better due to its higher factory overclock out of the box.
  3. +1 i agree with 17seconds although personally i would go with the Hawk not that it matters to you lol.
  4. Ah ok. So if I overclock the Hawk is better and if I don't overclock the Hawk is better? There's only 20mhz or so difference between base clocks and boost clocks, 1085 - 1150 vs 1111 - 1176.

    With the extra power the Hawk uses will I need a PSU bigger than 550w?

    And does the Backplate do anything like a support the card or just look cool?
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    Well basically the Hawk has a performance improvement of almost 10% over the reference design—something you'll definitely notice in-game. With those clocks.It's only about 7% faster then the MSi GTX 760 TF OC Gaming stock vs stock.I will let you decide if you feel it's worth it or not.But here are some facts to consider The Hawk produced the highest overclock out of seven GTX 760s tested at TechPowerUp. At Guru3d, they include some stable settings that allowed them to post a Boost Clock of a 1372 MHz.Granted there is noway to say the card you get will be able to do the same.
    The Hawk has 5 heatpipe cooler (vs 4 heatpipes on the MSI Gaming card).The hawk uses a higher specially binned chip an custom 8 layer PCB as well as upgraded 6+2 power stage system. Dual BIOS switch, including an LN2 setting that allows higher overclocking limits "Military Class IV" components including Hi-C capacitors and SFC chokes an custom backplate for strength and support and better cooling of the card It's also makes it easier for those wanting to do watercooling Those are the main differences so if those things are not of importance to you then you'll be happy with MSi GTX 760 TF OC Gaming and should not spend the extra on the hawk Basically it boils down to what 17seconds said the hawk is for those users who want to overclock hardcore.
  6. If the factory overclocks are that similar, then the performance will be similar out of the box.

    They should both use the same amount of power more or less. A quality 550 watt PSU should work fine.

    The backplate looks cool, lends rigidity, and may help to dissipate heat.
  7. Ok, well as I'm going for a 4670K and I will overclock in the future I would probably be better with the Hawk. The better components are swinging me towards it rather than the bench figures now. I've found a site where there's a difference of less than £20 so it seems like a good deal.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  8. No problem.You're welcome!
  9. But does this mean that the Hawk is more HOTTER (because its already overclocked) ??????
  10. It would be if MSI hadnt put such a beast of a cooler to lay on top of it.
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