GPU usage 100 when mouse is idle

Basically when mouse is idle for exactly 1.5 Minutes, my GPU usage comes up to 100% and CPU usage jumps to about 25% from 0-4%. When I watch video on youtube (doesn't matter full screen or not) and don't move mouse it starts to lag after 1.5 minutes. Same happens in any game. Fps drops to 5-10fps and becomes unplayable.
It all becomes normal just after I move a mouse.
Another strange thing is that it all works fine when I open Task Manager, just to see if I can see what migth start running.
I'we read that it could be a trojan or bitcoin miner or something like that. If this is the case what do I do ?
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    Start Windows in safe mode and run malwarebytes. It sounds like a miner.
  2. Ok, my AVG free premium expired and the basic version was not updated for some time. Scanned all pc, registry cleaned and all the other stuff. 6 trojans detected. Everything looks to be working properly now.
  3. runned malwarebytes and another bunch of stuff was detected, so it's all good for now. Thanks
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