ASUS P8 Z77 VPRO missing crucial BIOS options

i72600K processor with zalman fanless cube
seasonic fanless 520W platinum
32GB GSKILL ripjawZ PC17000

I have been reading all over the net about how some asus newer bios versions are missing some options, specifically the on board CPU graphics option, and the ever so important turbo mode . I currently cant get my turbo mode to go above core clock of 34.

I am also having an issue with ram identifying properly. I know XP64 only sees 16GB, but when I first booted her up i swear on my life the bios read 32GB, but after the bios update is only says 16GB. CPU ID can definitely see dual channel ram @ 32GBS in windows.

My graphics card came DOA, so while I wait I need to use on board video. video options in bios are limited to AUTO or PCIe, the 3rd option is missing. is this because my 2600K does not support video ?

My DOA video card was a fan less sapphire HD7750, Ive also read of these cards being DOA just would not boot, meanwhile a friends GTX570 boots up fine.

other then these issues the mother borad seems to be working fine. I have been playing games and editing large photos and videos with ease, i plan on doing windows 7 soon.

most people just get a just wait till we fix it in the next bios update release from asus tech support, I want to get a new board if thats the case.., any recommendations?
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  1. If you are using the board connections you are using the CPU since the board uses the IGP on it.
  2. No video at all through the board
  3. That is with no discrete GPU card inserted?
  4. I can only access bios with pcie video card installed. Regardless if pcie video card is in or not. On board DVI output has no signal. I can not access bios at this point but it does not matter as I can not set video to CPU. It's missing in the bios options menu
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    Remove the card and prior to starting up reset CMOS (jumper, button, or remove battery) as described in your manual. If still no video most likely you got a bad board.
  6. Sounds like the ME firmware is corrupt. You will need to contact ASUS for a new BIOS chip or to swap out the board. Chances are the board was not stable when UEFI was updated or there was some monumental instability. 32GB memory not set up properly, or multiple kits combined could be a possible catalyst with overclocking possibly playing a part as well.
  7. could one bent pin not making contact with the cpu cause this, I have reason to believe some of the pins are slightly bent and not making contact.
  8. can a bent pin not making contact with the CPU be a culprit?

    would this be the problem, just one or two pins not making contact?
  9. If the are bent and not making contact yes.
  10. this must be what is going on. the mobo had a few bent pins that I thought I fixed but guess not.

    everything else on the board works, just no manual over clocking and no onboard video
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