Should i return the Intel 530 120gb SSD for a Samsung 840 EVO?

I just bought a intel 530 the other day for my gaming rig. I noticed when i came home that the samsung 840 series is way faster than Intel's ssd's. Should i go back to the store and return the ssd or is it not worth it and i should just stay with the 530 by Intel? Is the speed noticeable in games (mmo's, sandbox games and etc?)
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    You won't notice any difference at all for gaming -- an SSD enhances general stuff, OS start up and program opening speed, but really does not impact gaming. You cannot tell the difference between modern SSDs in real world use -- only the benchmarks differ. My old Intel X25M 80GB feels every bit as fast as a pair of Samsung 840Pros in RAID 0, which was just for fun since RAID 0 is worthless with SSDs IMO.
  2. Thanks and also i heard saving games on a SSD makes loading screens faster is that true? or can i just save it on my hard drive?
  3. It opens the game faster and can load new levels faster if the data comes from a disk file, but otherwise does not affect gameplay. I load all but my current most used game on a HDD.
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