Should i upgrade my gts 450 to gtx 760 or 770?

Im not sure if i should wait for 800 series, and save more money for a new processor too(actual is a phenom ii x6 1605t at 4.0ghz). Sooo.. upgrade now or wait for mid next year for full new PC.
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  1. Your call. Nobody really has too many details as to what sort of performance boosts you're waiting on with the 800 series yet. Might as well make decisions based on what you do know.

    Whether you can live with the performance of your GTS 450 or you should upgrade is something you will have to decide for yourself. Clearly a 760 or 770 will perform significantly faster.

    That's a pretty good clock for your Phenom II chip. I doubt you'd get a significant boost unless you upgraded to Intel.
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    If your power supply can handle a high-end GPU and has PCI-E connectors, you should wait for the boxing day and see the prices. At the moment, GTX760/770 can handle pretty much every games that I know of with very good performances (along with a good processor and sufficient RAM, of course), and the 800 series will likely be very expensive when it gets out.
  3. If you can wait to play the newer games until then, then I guess waiting wouldn't hurt. By then the 760/770 prices might come down some. But don't wait for the next series just to get the newest thing because the next newest thing will always be around the corner.
  4. I just upgraded my GTS 450 to the GTX 760 and must say that you will not be disappointed. The graphics in my gaming has become much more detailed and the lag has all but disappeared. One word of caution - the GTS 450 only needed one PCI-E power cable. The GTX 760 requires two PCI-E power cables. This was not at all clear in the documentation. The good news is that when you attempt to power up with just one cable you do get a message that says the card is not receiving enough power....
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