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so Windows updated last night just before I turned of my computer and when I turned it on this morning my mouse wasn't working, mouse is a steel series kinzu v2, I had no problem at all with it prior to this update, I tried a system restore to before this update and it still won't work, I've also tried starting my PC in safe mode and it still won't work, the mouse is lighting up each time like it is working, I'm out of ideas and I can't afford to get another mouse. Come one people, I need answers....
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  1. Unplug the mouse, then do a system restore to an even earlier point than the one you originally chose, if you have restore points going back that far. After the restore, reinstall the mouse's driver. Once the driver has been reinstalled, plug the mouse into a different USB port and see if it works.
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    If that doesn't work:

    Go to Device Manager and 'Expand' the USB tree. Arrange the screen so that you can see all the USB devices.

    Now unplug your mouse and then plug it back in.

    Did it appear in the USB list?

    If it did, right-click on it and select 'uninstall'.

    Unplug the mouse, restart and plug the mouse back in.

    Windows might 'rediscover' it.
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