How much GB on SSD DO I Need

i have a 128 gb ssd card, which already has my os and driver installed
i have 91 GB left on my SSD
should i install steam on my HD or SSD card so far w/ steam i have 4 games but i will def be dling more! What is your advice?
and with 90gb how many games do you think i could dl onto that SSD card
and what should do i do with the other 90gb or did i go overkill on it
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  1. Steam itself won't occupy that much space in your SSD but I dont think you might need to install it there . Well now about the games you can install games in your SSD but do not overkill it. Stogage devices like HDD and SSD tend to become slower after you have occupied more than 50% of their space. I would suggest you to keep like 40-50gb of free space there . I know its more than 50% but you wont notice that much of a downfall to perfomance at that point . If you want to the original speed I suggest you stick with " the 50% rule" .
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    You can install the Steam client on your SSD, but direct the actual games to be installed elsewhere.

    In the Steam client, look under Settings for designating a new location for the actual games to be installed.

    Games only benefit from being on the SSD as far as level loading. Framerate does not change.
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