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Hopefully someone may be able to help me with the game issues I'm having at the moment. I recently upgraded my PC to an A10-6800k, 8gb 2133 ram, g1.sniper a88x mobo, 550w PSU and windows 8.1. Its my aim to replace the CPU with a kaveri so based on the speculation you can run that in dual graphics I also bought an R7 260x.

The card came with Blood Dragon and that ran really well out of the box,I also tried Planetside 2 and an old copy of Left for dead. However I've had problems with it dropping to desktop or giving errors that the graphics driver has stopped responding, games are running very poorly to boot.

I've downloaded the latest motherboard and radeon drivers to no avail. CPU-z shows the card is running around 30C when sat on the desktop and if I open task manager with a game running the CPU load is 50-60%. I have seen nothing to suggest that 550w is too low for my system and all other fan and temp readings seem ok.

Should I try switching to the integrated graphics? I have an older corsair 550w PSU to try, are the graphics driver errors likely to indicate a problem with the card? Its a factory OC Gigabyte so I suppose it might be drawing slightly more juice. Could it be an issue with the six pin connector as the graphics card is only flakey under load.

Hope for some insights.
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  1. What are your full Specs?
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, I'm not with the computer at the moment so I can't give driver versions but this is a complete hardware list. I have downloaded the drivers for the motherboard from Gigabyte and my graphic driver was installed yesterday from AMD's website.

    AMD A10 6800K Black Edition Socket FM2 CPU
    Gigabyte G1-SNIPER-A88X, AMD A88X
    Corsair Memory Vengeance 8GB DDR3 2133 MHz
    NZXT Source 210 Elite Black Gaming Chassis
    XFX PRO550W P1-550S-XXB9 Power Supply
    GV-R726XOC-2GD - 2GB Gigabyte Radeon R7 260X
    Toshiba/Hitachi DT01ACA100 1TB
    Generic DVD R/W (from an old build, no idea on model)

    It's only been assembled a couple of weeks so I have virtually no software installed.
    Windows 8.1
    Avast Free
  3. could be anything. i would first suggest to run the memory at a lower speed. try 1333mhz, the amd memory controller might have trouble at 2133. Also, get rid of avast free, and use microsoft security essentials, and run malwarebytes and spybot on a monthly basis to clean up what msse doesnt catch. psu is ample. Check your temps with hwmonitor to make sure something isnt overheating. Dual graphics with apu + gpu is dodgy and has poor frame-latency results, toms did a test recently, and you get observable performance as the frames unevenly hit your monitor that is no better and sometimes worse than a single card.
  4. Hi,

    Thank you very much the reply, I will remove remove Avast, log temperature/voltages as soon as I get the chance. I will reset the BIOS defaults as the motherboard initially setup the memory to run at 1333.

    I'm not actually running in dual graphics at the moment as the A10-6800k can't do it with a 260x. The onboard graphics is disabled through the BIOS and i'm just using the 260x. Not to get sidetracked but I mentioned Dual graphics because it's my intention to run the 260x with a Kaveri when they finally come out. People have been suggesting that AMD might have a handle on micro stuttering with the next generation and that a 260x will be a good match for a dual graphics setup then. I was trying to explain why I had an APU and a discreet graphics card, although as a stop gap I should probably have bought an Athlon X4 760K.

    Does anyone have experience with XFX PSU's? I've always bought Corsair supplies before and never had a problem but the XFX was on special offer with the case. The reviews for it seemed slightly luke warm but nothing in them got me worried for a budget build.

    Cheers anyway.
  5. Thank you all for the feedback but I think my investigation has shown that the fault lies with the R7 260X. I reset the bios as suggested and removed Avast. I installed HWMonitor and ran FurMark on the PC, HWMonitor was reporting that the 12v+ was at 10.78 while easy tune was saying it was at 11.98, anyway I switched in the Corsair PSU for the rest of the testing. I noticed visual corruption on FurMark and 3DMark would lock solid after the first test. At this point I decided the best approach was to remove the R7 from the computer and compare performance running the A10-6800k on its own. Well basically as soon as the R7 was gone everything worked normally, in fact I was drawing better FPS in Blood Dragon and all benchmarks were able to complete.

    The upshot of this is that either the R7 260X is broken OR the motherboard is unable to supply it with enough power to make the system stable (I guess).

    Thanks to the people who tried to help and if anyone else runs into a similar problem I hope my experience is useful.
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    Imagine that a amd/radeon card having issues? Seems to be a trend. Especially with the the series of cards. Alot of people have been running into issues on other forums too. is having mass issues on the 280 and 290x's right outta the box. Most issues seem to be driver related but who knows. Try a nvidia card?
  7. If AMD announce they are going to release a SteamRoller based CPU that fits in an FM2+ socket (replacement for the FX would be nice) then I would happily leave Radeon behind. However the current noise doesn't seem to make me think that is going to happen in this generation. I think I will just OC the 6800k until Kaveri comes out.
  8. hello did you figure out what was causing problem, was that 260X with some kind of defect or was it caused by some software error? i might have same issue.
  9. well i have this card but the xfx verision do not update its drivers use the stock driver that came with the gpu it will work very well
  10. detect said:
    hello did you figure out what was causing problem, was that 260X with some kind of defect or was it caused by some software error? i might have same issue.

    Bit late for you now but I didn't solve the problems. I returned two cards and upgraded to an R9 270 which has worked flawlessly for two months.
  11. I have a Windforce OC R7 260X too but mine keeps black-screening. The PC still running (I can num-lock or ping from another machine) but the only way out is a reset.

    Since under clocking it by 25% and having the fans on manual 80% the stability is much improved and it hasn't black screened since. Strange thing is temps never got above 55c during the problems. Since underclocking and forcing the fast manual fan the temps are approx 35c.
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