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I just installed a new R9 290x into my pc. I have 8 GB RAM and an overclocked i7 3870k to 4.1 GHz. I currently can run Battlefield 4 on ultra and maintain about 70-80 fps in "uber" mode. I have always wanted to upgrade to a triple monitor set up in 1080p, but I am not sure if my card can handle it. I have done a lot of research and never found a solid answer. It seems as though it could but would only be able to play on medium settings or so. Can it handle it and if so, how well?

Also the monitor I am looking at getting is the AOC 27" ips display, mainly because it has a very thin bezel.

Any feedback on the setup in general or a recommendations if I need to improve my rig to accomplish what I am looking for would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. it can handle it on high-ultra.You must Motion Blur Off,Anti Allising lower,Weapon Dof Off
  2. Yes, you will be able to play the game in three monitor but may not be able to max everything out. If you would like to play at all max setting I would suggest you to pick up another R9 290X.
  3. If you plan to be buying 3 of those monitors for this, it will most likely be able to handle it at medium to high settings, with some settings at max. You wont necessarily notice a huge difference between high and maxed settings, so you don't need to spend another $600 or so on another card.
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