How much is this PC worth?

How much would I possibly get for this pc if I sell it? Looking to get a macbook to replace it.


Gigabyte 990FXA UD3
CM Hyper 212 EVO
12GB Kingston HyperX Black
Dual SLI MSI TwinFrozr GTX 770 2GB
WD Black 1TB
WD Black 500GB
WD Velociraptor 250GB
Samsung 840 256GB
Corsair AX 760
CM HAF 912 (painted matte black with side window if that adds any value)
Bitfenix black braided cables (every cable including sata, usb etc)
9 Corsair AF 140 fans
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  1. That's a very nice PC how come you want to switch :(.
  2. Well,go to newegg and make some adding of prices for your components then substract 20% of their value
    and dont go to a retail store to sell it because those people do not know how much love you have put in your computer and will give you half of the already subevaluated value in their eyes(because many people overclock and treat badly their computer)
    and if you work a little bit you could sell it to a gardener but to someone who needs it
  3. This is actually worth a lot. You could probably sell it for ~$1500-1600 since it's used.
    But why a macbook?
  4. ImPain said:
    That's a very nice PC how come you want to switch :(.

    I barely get time to use it. I built if for gaming during the summer but since school started I've had no time to play any games or really use it. When I do it's just for writing documents in word or doing some basic photoshop stuff. I use my laptop most of the time as I can take it with me pretty much anywhere. The laptop I'm using is not too great, It's an old Acer Aspire that can barely run W7 it's currently running CrunchBang Linux, I've just been going through a bunch of distros seeing which is better. So I was thinking of getting a gaming laptop at first but those are always huge and bulky and the quality is meh. Also never used a Mac before and I'm really tempted mainly because the resolution on the Retina models.
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