Weird mouse glitch

So my mouse cursor on the screen has randomly been getting messed up. One time it looked like it got smeared and was enlarged, deformed and brightly colored. Another time it got squashed down to a very tiny scale and was again brightly colored. This just happens randomly and the cursor still works, just is distorted. What's causing this?
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  1. spec? operating system?
  2. i5-750
    msi p55-cd53
    4gb gskill ram
    corsair 650tx power supply
    windows 7
  3. so it happen from time to time? spec wise you seem doing fine. have you tried different mouse yet?
  4. would a mouse have anything to do with what the cursor looks like on screen?
  5. it could be. have you tried look up the setting in mouse properties?
  6. It doesn't happen very often, and when it does happen my system usually will be very choppy, or have short freezes every 5 seconds or so which is why i doubt it's a peripheral hardware issue.
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    maybe there were some sort of system instability with you system. could be virus too
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