MSI GTX 770 2GB vs 4GB? Only $60 diffrence

Is it worth getting the 4gb model? I know bf4 requires 3gb of vram and games in the near future might need more vram.. Is it worth it? I plan to play on a single 1080P but might in the near furutre upgrade..
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    You may as well just get the 4GB version , the 60 bucks is worth it especially for games like BF4 on Ultra and if you wish to upgrade your monitor in the future.
  2. Yes, it is the application (game) that will spell out its minimum video card memory requirements.
    Often a card will work fairly well with less that the recommended memory on board, but at the price of the game experience, usually with a drop in frame rates or with lower video quality or resolution settings.
    That said, there are very few titles that want more than 2GB.. One of the notable exceptions being BF4 on ultra. I'm happy with BF4 on my 1GB video card.
  3. If you plan on using a monitor above 1080p do it. I'm running a surround setup at 5760X1080 and w/ 2xMSAA and I'm at 3.3GB usage.
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