Desktop USB ports not working?

Why is it that my desktops USB ports stopped working, and what can I do to fix it?

Basically, my sister got on my computer and did something which caused my computer to turn off and my USB ports to stop working. I can still turn the computer on, apparently. Like it'll light up as it did before, but my monitor just immediately goes to sleep. It doesn't go through any form of start-up. So, I can't turn it on to look at it. My keyboard nor mouse work. My router for wifi doesn't work either. What do I do?!
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  1. lol..... from your post, it seems that the rig itself is not working man, come on what made you think the USB ports on any dead machine work?
    Get it check by a technician, it sounds like a case which is way to complicated for us to solve here , quickly.

    PS: Since you say it doesn't go through any sort of start up, it is safe for us to understand that it's dead and not that you can't make out the difference between a machine that is on but without a display and a dead one without a display, right?
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