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hey im going to be building a new pc for gaming i have come up with these parts, will these work. this list includes a monitor and operating system. (windows 8)

also with this build i plan to use the on-board audio and i was wondering if the on-board audio stops working is my whole board no good or can i just buy a sound card to fix that issue
thanks for your time :D
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. fjaesbog said:
    What's your budget?

    my budget is around the $1000 Australian dollars. but with that money i would like a monitor and a keyboard + OS. which i have done in that build.
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    Then you should go for it. If you had 200$ extra to spend, you'd be able to get a 8320 CPU and the 760 GTX instead, but yes with your budget this can't get any better.
    If you can wait and earn 2-300$ more you'd be able to build a rig that'll run a couple of more years than this build.
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