reverse tether wfi connected to wifi through LAN cable

This is a bit of an odd situation. Can I reverse tether the wifi connection that I'm receiving with my laptop to my ps3 via a LAN cable?

My laptop is connected to a wifi network via a long range USB wifi adapter, which is sitting outside to catch the signal. The wifi adapter on the PS3 doesn't have enough range to get it.
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  1. Um share you internet connection across the network. Any basic Google search or windows faq would tell you how. Better question why are you,stealing internet bandwidth from someone else
  2. lol, It's my own internet. There's another house/cabin on my property and the wifi router is in the main house. The long range wifi adapter is the only way to receive the signal from the house.

    I'll check some tutorials about sharing the connection across the network.
  3. I tried this but it won't work because there is no sharing tab. It says the sharing tab won't be there if you only have one network enabled. Not sure what to do.
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