windows 8.1 disconnects my USB drive

After upgrading from 8 to 8.1 i face the problem where my 4 USB external hard drives get disconnected and reconnected every few minutes. If a drive is idle then windows disconnects it and if i need it then windows takes time to reconnect/wake it up. this is causing me a lot of issues and i already used the power management settings and disabled this feature on 8.1 but still the issue exists. I cannot pause a video for few seconds without having windows disconnecting the drive. I have 16 TB worth of Data and i am worried this stupid feature is going to ruin my drives.

I am grateful for any advice you can give me...

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  1. Try reinstalling the motherboard chipset and usb 3.0 drivers.
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    right click on start and select run > type devmgmt.msc > press enter >right click on each usb root hub and select properties > click the power management tab > uncheck box for "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

    this will be fixed in the next round of windows updates
  3. Thanks to both and already tried both solution with no results days ago. I was very happy with 8.1 for 15 minutes after upgrade and now i hate it with passion.
  4. I refreshed my system back to Win 8 and i cannot be more happy. No more disconnections of hard drives. don't think i will be upgrading to 8.1 anytime soon.
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