AMD Phenom ii x2 BE 550 Unlocked and stable but won't boot from sleep

Hi all,

As most posts go, long time reader and several situations resolved/opinions made from threads here. So thank you to everyone before me :)

As the topic suggests I've unlocked my cpu to a quad and ran prime95 for 24 hours with zero errors. It boots fine from cold and no other issues any where. I do like to use sleep mode if Ive several tabs open or if im out for a short time, this is where the issue is.

The pc will turn on, the hard drives spin up and make the right noises, but no signal is sent to the monitor. I have to reset and windows then resumes.

I've seen a few other threads with people suggesting it could be a defective core, is it possible even after testing with prime95 for a day? The other threads have kind of gone off topic then and no real reasons or suggestions.

my spec:

AMD Phenom ii x2 550 BE - unlocked to quad B50
Gigabyte MA790x UD3p motherboard
8gb (x4 2gb) Corsair DDR2 pc6400
Gainward ATI 4850 512mb
PSU - Hiper 580W

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
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  1. It's possible it's a defective core, Prime95 doesn't test EVERYTHING, so a lot of the time people assume their OC is fine because Prime95 didn't find a problem. Try reducing your OC just a little bit, that may fix it.
  2. the problem lies in the BIOS and most likely in the CPU OC settings but if that don't work you could try switching from decaf, cheers..
  3. See I do have it overclocked as well, thought I put that in. Its running at 3.6Ghz happily.

    It would'nt wake from sleep if it was at the default multiplier of x15.5 (I think thats the default anyway, may be x15)

    I can see what your saying, ewok93 re: the unlock and the defective core. what's the difference in booting from cold and waking the pc from sleep then? I would have thought if the core was causing an issue wouldn't this affect it when I turn the pc on as well?
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    Good question, I'm not sure how it works exactly, but basically in sleep mode the processor is running just a little bit, and it probably gets err... stuck? No it's electrical, there are no moving parts... My theory is booting from cold resets it, while putting it into sleep actually crashes it, like it doesn't detect those extra cores.
  5. Makes total sense, getting stuck, and as you say theres a small current keeping it in sleep mode.

    So the bottom line is the pc is stable when running, been bashing it with ghosts and bf4 a fair bit and the 24hours of prime with no issues. And the difference can be seen in performance. Just no more sleep mode for convenience then.

    Thanks for the help, males a difference to bounce the question off others as it opens up the thought train :)
  6. No problem. Best answer would be appreciated (going for master)
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