Best PCi-e x1 graphics card for Pentium 4 @3.4 Ghz with 4GB ram.

Need to know what the absolute best graphics card would be for my old Dell Dimension E310 set-up. I will be upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit really soon also. I realize that my system cannot handle anything too high tech at this point, but right now I am only rolling with a STD pci slot Zoteac GT 430 so I am guessing I can maybe do a little better. By the way I am also either going to cut out the end of the pci-e x1 slot to be able to fit a pci-e x16 card in there, or get a Startech adapter. I realize that the pci-e x16 card will be sorely limited, but should still be a little better than just a pci-e x1 card..right??? Thanks
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    My recommendation would be to buy a GPU for a PCIe 1x slot rather than modifying it for a 16x card. You'll get better performance form the 1x card if only because it was designed with the bus limitations in mind.
  2. What is the best PCI-e x1 card that would work with my system, and would there be one that would be a big improvement over my GT 430 std pci slot GPU?
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