ddr3 vs gddr5

will a ddr5 ram work with am4a785td-vevo asus m board with 955 amd processor
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  1. You can't buy DDR5 outside of graphics cards. Your motherboard supports DDR3 only.
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    Vram is totally different from System ram so you can use a GPU with what ever (G)DDR you want regardless of what the board uses as system ram!
    Basically a video card with (G)DDR5 will work fine in a motherboard that uses DDR3 system ram!
  3. Indeed, there is no DDR5 RAM for the RAM memory slots. You ment GDDR5 memory. This memory is actually a faster version of RAM and you can find it on graphics card, known also as VRAM . Which means RAM on your motherboard supports DDR3.
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