BIOS and OS wont see SSD

I just got a Crucial SSD to put in my 2011 Dell XPS 8300

However having plugged it all in, the new drive isn't seen by either the BIOS or the OS. I've tried SATA ports 0 through 3, i've used different cables, i've tried it on its own , i've upgraded the BIOS (to A06) and even reset the CMOS, but no use, its never seen

Sata mode is ACHI (not RAID)

Am i missing something, any ideas?
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  1. Try plugging the drive in while you have the computer booted into Windows and see if it picks it up there. The drive could be "frozen" or however they term it - I had this issue with a Samsung 840 Pro that I bought. I had to use a third party program to unfreeze the drive so that Windows could see it. However, I was able to see the drive in the BIOS with this issue.
    Try plugging the drive into a different computer if possible as well.
  2. Bad drive happens, if everything connected right and drive working should show up in BIOS.
  3. If you haven't already, update your BIOS. Even though the PC is 2011, it may have a BIOS installed that pre-dates SSDs.
  4. Updated the BIOS and tried power cycles, think it must just be faulty so will speak to Crucial
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