not able to connect my PC to internet, need to restart it once or twice.

When i turned on my computer i am not getting connected to internet, a small exclaimation mark appears inside yellow triangle. Again I have to restart my pc one or more time then only i'm geting connected to internet...please help me...
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  1. Laptop or Desktop ?
  2. IRONBATMAN said:
    Laptop or Desktop ?

    desktop with OS windows 7...
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    Things you could try to troubleshoot
    - check the router , modem , and wireless adapter
    - install latest drivers
    - right click the icon the icon and select the troubleshoot option
  4. Instead of rebooting just disable the nic and re enable it.

    Turn off any power saving for the nic.
  5. sorry
    bur i have no idea how to disable NIC..
    will you please brief me...

  6. Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
    Right click, Disable
    Right click, Enable.
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