SSD not detected in Bios, pictures included.

It was working for about 3 weeks then when my blue screen problems started I kept running into the issue of the hard drive not being detected. First it was not detected only after computer crashed or was shut down rough. To fix that I just it down again normally and on the next start up it was detected. Now its not detected regardless of how many times I've tried to started up.

If I take out the CD Drive and only connect SSD it says that the BIOS settings are not supporting the boot device and I need to go to advanced settings to change something. I tried to change settings but I have no idea what I'm doing. I read in another thread that I need to change sata configuration from AHCI to IDE but that doesn't seem to do anything. And when I go to select the boot device priority there is only the CD drive.

I've searched for people who had similar problem and the suggestion they get is to make sure the hard drive is selected as the number 1 boot device. I just wanna make sure its clear that I can't do that because it is not detected so I can't select it as the first second or third boot device.

Hardrive Adata sx900 256 gig
Motherb Asus m5a99fx pro 2.0

I'm pretty sure it is plugged in correctly because it worked fine in the first 3 weeks of this computer's life.

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  1. First try the SSD on another system, see if it gets detected there.

    Then check the status of the SSD there(another system) with :

    If the SSD is good, then try to clear CMOS on your system, by removing the CMOS battery for 15 mins. Then put it back. Plug the SSD and see if it showing on BIOS.
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