Is this normal? I have 8GB (only 7,89 usable) - Windows 7 x64

As the title say I have 8GB (2x4) on my new PC installed. But in My Computer properties only 7,89 are shown as usable. Is this normal? I have 3GB GPU.
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    Yes, the system will reserve resources. If you have a CPU with integrated graphics still enabled it will also use some memory.
  2. Yes, I have i5-4670K. But I have connected my monitor cable to my R9 280X.
  3. Guys, disabled the Internal Graphics in BIOS and all 8GB are usable now. :)
  4. Going off-topic here as the prob seems to be solved. I have no idea about this but do desktop pcs have anything similar to Nvidia optimus? If so, that internal graphics might save a lot of power.
  5. I believe some motherboards offer a feature that can come in handy. The name varies from vendor to vendor. They will activate the video ports on the motherboard and enable a monitor to be run using the iGPU.

    Not sure regarding switching to iGPU when on the Windows desktop, but about the last three generations of GPUs have their own low - power modes. My GPUs sometimes clock all the way down to 20Mhz - though usually 'idle' at 80Mhz.
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