How to format a pendrive in windows 7 when windows is unable to do so

i am possessing a sandisk pendrive and when i insert it in my laptop a notification occurs that i can't use the device without formatting .So i start to format it but again a notification occurs"Windows was unable to complete the format ".and i am not what to do
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  1. That indicates that the pen drive is faulty so you should throw it away and buy a new one. There is no point in trying to use a pen drive that you can't trust. If you can, buy a reliable brand such as "Integral" or "Sandisk" as they are usually more reliable than the cheaper brands.
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    Simply the OS is unable to read the PD. First make it read, by plugging it on different ports(front/back) USB2.0/3.0.

    Try it on safe-mode.

    Try it on another system, or another OS, see if it gets detected there.

    Try it numerous times but properly unmount it.

    Try to uninstall the PD from Disk Management, then Scan for Hardware Changes under Action menu.
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