Should I return my used Gigabyte 7950 (flickering) and get a new sapphire 7950?

Ok so I bought a used gigabyte 7950 for 189 bucks what a steal I was really happy and everything but every 30 mins League of Legends flickers a flash of white. The card is normally $300 but I could buy a brand new sapphire 7950 for $190 +warranty +3 free games.

I am not sure if this card is defective or if it is the drivers, or if it will be worse for other games or not at all or if the sapphire will do the same thing.

I am thinking about just getting a new sapphire 7950 and returning my gigabyte that I bought used. For 0 dollars difference I get a warranty, 3 free games, and my flickering issue could possibly be solved?

Here is the sapphire.
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    Its better not to use a used card. Get the new one, you are in a win win situation. Good luck.
  2. I hear lots of good things about Sapphire cards.
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