Best Card(s) for 6 monitor Flight Sim X setup?

(I wrote out a verbose question, but there's a TL;DR version at the bottom.)

Hey guys, Had a question I wanted to run by the community and make sure I don't jump the gun and get something that won't work for me.

Had a guy ask me recently to help him source parts for a machine that would be running 6 monitors (5 side by side, eyefinity style, with one down below for his instrument panel) on Flight Sim X. He had noted that he's getting 6 dell monitors (specs forthcoming, but probably VGA/DVI at 1024x1280) in from a relative who works at a hospital moving out old equipment.

One thing that I had thought about immediately was the potential lack of DisplayPort connectors, as I previously ran into an issue where running a certain number of monitors (more than 2?) on a single card/gpu the remaining connection(s) must be DP. If somebody could clarify that for me and/or simply let me know what the bottom line is that would be much appreciated.

I'm familiar with setting up the rest of the computer, and we are not technically limited to one GPU either (a crossfire or sli setup, even a triple is very feasible at this point as we're just sourcing parts) and he also said that if those monitors won't work he could put the money into new monitors as well.

I know that extremely high end cards like the 6990 and 690 are capable of running 6 monitors on a single card, but I just wanted to do a double check and see what the best solution would be in this situation!

Thanks in advance for the help and I look forward to hearing your advice.

TL;DR What would be the best GPU solution (including potential double/triple SLI/Xfire setups) for a 6 monitor setup running solely FSX?
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    I don't have an answer for the card but I know a lot of the FSX people, even ones that have built custom cockpits and what not, typically run only 3 large monitors side by side and instead of using an extra one for controls will use one or more touchscreen tablets, that way they can not only see their instruments but can use the touch screen to make adjustments to them. There is some software available specifically for that.

    I know that doesn't answer your question but it may provide you with some suggestions for this client. If he's going to spend the $$$ to try and run 6 monitors, it may make more sense for him to just spend the money buying 3 good monitors and running those off a GPU and then a tablet or two that can run via USB.
  2. We run 3 27" monitors off a Sapphire 7950 Flex (does not need DisplayPort to run multiple monitors), that has no probs with running FSX. I do agree with looking into touch screens for instrument panels. They just look awesome.
  3. Thanks for the answers guys! I still don't have a true idea of where i'm going but this helps narrow it down.
  4. Have a look around the internet for other peoples setups for ideas. Some of the best setups seem cheaper in cost but take more time to build making a replica of an actual cockpit.
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