dell dimension 3000 graphics card upgrade

I got this PC about 5trs ago, right now when I play some movie the screen got slower motion, I think is time for get replacement graphic card. my PC is P4 2.8GHZ, 2 G REM, PCI slot only, original power supply.
is there any replacement graphic card can install but no need upgrade my power supply?
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  1. Sorry, machine is so old and only supporting a pci slot, even after upgrading the psu if possible, it would be a waster of money.

    Time to save up and get a new rig.

    Found this one if psu is 350watts.
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    These low profile cards come to mind, they should be good enough for purely viewing videos

    I had a Dell Dimension 3000 and the 250W OEM PSU has 16A on the +12v rail which should be enough for these cards
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