which i7 should i get?

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  1. What is the purpose of your rig? Gaming? Editing? Are you also planning to OC?
  2. intense gaming, surfing, school work. gpu is gtx 780, if it matters
  3. You don't need i7 for gaming but if you really want to. Go with the i7-4770 / k version if you are planning to OC. Oh wait what mobo do you have?
  4. i have an am3+ mobo but will be buying a compatible mobo with cpu
  5. Okay, in that case grab the i7-4770k and find 1150 socket mobo. YOU STILL DIDN'T ANSWER TO WHETHER YOU'RE OCing ! :O
  6. no overclocking
  7. Then grab the non K version.
  8. isnt the 4820k better?
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    Farhan Orakzai said:
    isnt the 4820k better?

    No, 4820k is HIGHLY made more intense video editing. You honestly don't even need an i7 for gaming. Anyways the 4820k also uses 2011 socket, which it is not easy to come by.
  10. and how would the 3770k compare against the 4770?
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