Casual Gaming PC Lifespan?

Hi, im looking to build a $1000-1500 casual gaming PC, my needs are very minimal and i'll most likely use it mainly as a media PC for web browsing in the living room while having the ability to casualy play low end games on steam. So my question is, would it be possible for a $1000-1500 quality custom built PC to last me 6-8 years? iam more than likely to quit playing games in 2 years, and use the media PC purely for 3hours of day of random net browsing or netflix after work! thanks in advance!!

EDIT: The games i'm currently playing are 2 low end steam games that ran perfectly smooth with my crappy 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5570 card so i most definitely do not need to upgrade for at least 6 years or so.
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    I think your build would be fine, I have had a gaming PC last me 4 years, with a few upgrades along the way. Probably totalling around $1500

    Did you want to specify the parts your looking at?

    I also have an old gaming PC that I use XBMC on now. I just did a reformat and put a nice $100 ssd card in it and everything works great and the family love it!
  2. I currently do not have a build plan up yet since i bought my previous computer from CyberPowerPC. I've never owned a computer long enough to find out if they could last over 3 years so any comments and stories shared would be appreciated!
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