Problem with R9 290X

My 290X is making a nasty "seek" type of sound. It certainly doesn't sound normal. It is also performing poorly and doing a half-assed crash to a black screen where audio is still going but kb/m are unresponsive. It forces a power cycle. It can't even muster a BSOD. GPU-Z sensor logs look just fine. I've tried all of the drivers and am on the most recent beta's.

No load: up through 0:50
Load: 0:50 and after.

Please listen and let me know. It will only take a minute, literally :)
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    If your getting the black screen crash without overclocking at all, more then likely you might have one of the faulty cards
    I have already sent a R9-290 back that was doing randon black screen crash + hard lock, and could not use it for anything
  2. I sure am. I get the black screen with stock everything.

    Extremely disappointing but I'm pleased to say the seller is stepping up. I am swapping for an nvidia 780TI
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