ATX vs. mATX?

What is the performance difference between the standard size ATX motherboard and a mATX? I know the size is smaller but other than that I don't know much else. Is a mATX motherboard good enough to build a gaming PC or should I stick with a full size ATX?
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  1. If they have the same chipset it will be exactly same performance. AMD partners do not make any AM3+ mATX boards with the better chipsets but Intel partners do. So it really depends on what direction you are going.
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    Both are fine. You can't really SLI/CF on a µATX board because the cards are too close and might overheat, but other than that, you're generally fine.

    You can't add as many expansion cards to a µATX case, but if you're only going to have at most one card (e.g. WiFi or a TV tuner), you're fine.
  3. Thanks, both answers help.
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