CPU cooler for AMD fm2 chipset and a microATX board

I was just wondering if there was a GOOD CPU cooler for a AMD fm2 chipset and a microATX board. I have been searching for one but can't seem to find any. If you know of any good ones or have found one please reply
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  1. anything that fits AM3/ AM3+ will fit
  2. Look up the Gelid SlimHero on Newegg. This is the cooler I got and it works surprisingly well for a slimline cooler. I don't know what type of motherboard you are using, but I put mine in my ITX build because of it's size. It's got a fully copper base, and the copper heat pipes do very well at moving heat. I get idle temps of 40-45c and load temps of 50-55c, which is pretty good for such an inexpensive cooler.
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