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Hello, recently one of my LCD monitors I own for quite sometime seems to have a issue. On this system I am running a Q6600 ATI HD5870 video card using one hdmi for one screen and dvi on the other. The one that is connected via dvi is having issues. It will turn on for a few seconds displaying everything but then shows a black screen. However the power light is still green. I am not sure how I can fix this or debug what might be the issue. Also should mention the LCD tv that I have running through hdmi works fine so It is not the system itself.
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    Could be the back light or the converter. If there is a faint image from certain angles its defiantly going to be one of the Cathode strips (bulbs that light up the screen).

    If it does not turn on at all but you have a power light. Many modern displays will not power up if there is a loose connection , so its worth opening it up and reseating the cables between the different PCB's.

    Its also very common that a capacitor has blown on the inverter board, at least 60% of broken displays be it a TV or a monitor can be fixes by replacing blown capacitors. check youtube for tutorials.
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