First time SSD Buyer. Samsung vs Sandisk vs Kingston vs OCZ vs Intel vs Adata vs Corsair vs Plextor

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  1. Lack of a cable is trivial., for a selection of SATA data cables starting at $0.50US, in the color of your choice.
  2. So, of the SSD's that i mentioned above, which is the best?
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    Go for a Samsung 840 Evo if you can spend the extra money, the write speeds are much improved over the regular 840. Otherwise from this list I'd personally pick the Sandisk. The write speeds on the regular 840 are slow. Maybe even look at picking up a Crucial M4 if you can find one cheap, Crucial updates their software more frequently than anyone else.
  4. Sorry for late answer, was having trouble logging in. Well, the 840 Pro is out of the budget, 120 gb Evo not available and no crucial SSD available as well. I need the SSD to work for atleast 5 years. So, please suggest me a good one. Still leaning towards the Samsung Series 840 120 GB.
  5. Could someone select chemmajorp53's answer as the best answer please. I am not being able to select it as the best answer. Thanks.
  6. Go for the Kingston. It blows away the Samsung in actual tests.
    check out the test results on Phoronix:

    Samsung compared to kingston
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