Very slow post-boot time with USB external HDD connected


Motherboard: Gigabyte P55A-UD3R

When I boot my PC up without my external USB 1TB HDD connected, the Gigabyte bios screen at the very start hangs for about 15-25 seconds, then after another 5-10 seconds it procedes to the Windows splash loading screen.

When I unplug the USB HDD and try again, the Gigabyte post-boot screen only lasts for 5 seconds and it boots up way quicker.

I tried disabling USB Storage in the bios, which did make the post-bios boot screen load quick again, but the Windows splash screen took very long so it didn't really make a difference.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this without having to disconnect the USB cable everytime? (Pain in the neck as it is plugged in the back of the PC in a complicated desk setup).

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  1. If you connect the external USB 1TB HDD to the PC, when the PC boot up and the PC will run the POST ( power-on self-test ), it is the process, maybe the HDD has problem or you have a lot folds on it, or some else, that is why the PC will boot a little bit slower.
    You can try this " How to Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster "
  2. Hi,

    Windows boots up fine but the POST boot is very slow with USB HDD plugged in.
    I read the guides and they are mostly windows startup tweaks
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