I changed my ip address accidentally, and I cannot use the inter net anymore. When I do it says "proxy server is rufusin conne


I cant do anymore
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  1. Phone isp?
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    reazon said:

    I cant do anymore

    1 Before you Go into resetting modem, go to windows cmd and type up ipconfig, just incase your ip didn't reset and all informations there.

    it will look like this:

    (if no connections established with any local network device and its not in ip config)

    2 Go to connect modem reset modem, their should a pin or something given the specificiations to your modem. reset for 30 seconds.

    Go back to your modem, log in.
    Router code should be on back of modem.
    Password and ip.

    Type the ip into browser, and log in.

    Once inside, go to your connection ppe settings and estabish it. cant remember tcp settings, anyhows will get back to you on that.

    You need to establish a remote connection to your modem.

    Go into, windows cmd and type up ipconfig

    it will look like this:

    Your isp will tell you the same.

    Type in your ip address into the modem and establish a connection. EVERY CONNECTION made must be saved to the modem or nothing will work, then you reset the modem from the graphical user face rather the modem.
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