4 SSD raid 0 vs single SSD

1 read several similar posts but never found the exact answer
2 data loss means nothing over drive cost and time to reimage drive(s) all other data stored on cloud/alternate HDD/SDD
3 Scope of answers limited to speed (or apparent speed) no other factors considered
Will there be any speed increase or is the R/W times moved the bottle neck to another part of the pc? For ambiguity's sake assume 2 scenarios: 1 raid managed by on board 2 managed by mid range pcie controller (~$400)
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  1. 4 SSDs in RAID 0 will achieve better benchmarks and will be faster for specific tasks like video editing work, although you should also use a separate scratch drive for Adobe products. For only four drives, I expect that a PCIe controller will perform about equally to a Z87 based chipset with 4 native Intel 6Gbps ports, but over time I would expect the PCIe card (for example an Adaptec 7 series in an x8 slot) to be more stable than motherboard ports. If your computer is high end then you will not move the bottleneck, but the memory or CPU would be issues for demanding applications if they are only mid-range, that is highly application dependent.
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