How to reduce Sapphire Radeon 7990 temp?

Hello I have a 7990 that gets uber hot. When playing BF4 my 7990 gets up to 85C. I also notice that the game drops from 60+ fps to like 10-12fps. This makes my game unplayable. Trying to minimize the heat on this awesome card. I have a new cpu cooler coming in to reduce my cpu temps. But, right now my concern is this graphics card. I do have a well ventilated case. What would be my option to fix this problem? Just crack the case open on the side and have a room fan blow into that case? Water cooling? Re apply thermal paste?
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  1. Box fan is probably as good as it gets. Use a custom GPU fan curve.

    Unless you choose to do a custom water loop. I know XS-PC makes some custom blocks.
  2. lol the room fan is certainly an option, you say your case of well ventilated but you might be able to do some swapping around with the case fans in order to direct more air onto the GPU itself, that should lower it by a good bit if you have some quality case fans, otherwise you may have to go with an after-market liquid solution.
  3. Mine was getting up to 100C running burn in tests until I relocated the card as it was close too the PSU and a HDD enclosure. Now it runs at 80C. 85C doesn't sound too bad as I think they shut down at 102C. What kind of case are you running and where is the video card?
  4. 85C should not be the cause of those FPS drops. There is more likely another reason for the drops in performance. 85C is well within reason.
  5. i know you said the case is well ventilated, but just to be sure, check if the air flow is ok, do some cable management if you havent done so.
    as a tempo solution, remove sa side panel
  6. By having my case open and running a fan it dropped from 85 to 79. Still going to try that arctic silver 5 thermal paste on 7990 when it comes in to see if that will improve cooling.
  7. How many and what kind of monitors? Spec out your entire system to us please.
  8. Cooler Master Storm Scout II Mid-Tower Gaming Case
    AMD FX-8350
    Cooler Master Seidon 120M Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator
    16GB 2133mhz DDR3 G.SKILL Ripjaws X
    Sapphire Radeon 7990
    120 GB Kingston HyperX 3K SATA-III
    1,000 Watts - Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 80 Plus Power Supply
  9. OVERKILL SYSTEM! jk I like it but 2133 ram crazy
  10. There is an option in Sapphire Trix to 'force consistent voltage', and I recall there is an option for crossfire as well.

    Have you tried the latest beta drivers? There might be some optimizations for BF4 when crossfiring.
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    I guess the factory don't know how to apply thermal paste. When I took the 7990 apart I was disgusted by how much thermal paste these retards put on this card. After cleaning off the thermal paste I applied arctic silver 5 thermal paste. Pea size amount just like you would for cpu on motherboard. Viola! The card is not only running cooler under load the fps in game don't drop anymore. Problem solved.
  12. Had the heat problem of the 7990 in my card too. Still looking towards better solutions, because fans at 100% are noisy. My temps rised past 90 °C like a rocket, before I shut the loading of the card. Now I'm running 76/75 °C per core full load:

    -Changed thermal paste
    -Added fans to the case (now 3 in, 3 out)
    -underclocked the core above PSU (850/1200 Mhz)
    -undervoltaged both cores
    -forced constant voltage
    -added heatsinks on the backplate of the card, mine got REALLY hot and that kind of thermal mass in my mind can heat up the whole card
    -aggresive fan curve
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